Go Checking

Best for new to managing a checking account and for those who need help spending only what’s in their account. Here’s how:

no fees

No Fees

A built-in safety net that will not allow overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees.

debit card limits

Debit Card Limits

Healthy money management made easier with built-in debit card limits for purchases and ATM.

no minimum balance

No Minimum Balance

No minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees.

Enjoy the same great benefits that come with all BCU Checking accounts:

Tap to Pay

Use the Visa Debit card with confidence with built in zero fraud liability and the ease of contactless payment.

Enhanced Direct Deposit™

Get access to your payroll funds up to two days earlier.*

Free Credit Monitoring

With SavvyMoney, track your credit score and receive notifications regarding changes to your credit report.


A fast, safe way to send money directly between almost any bank or credit union account in the US, within minutes.1

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to overdraw my Go Checking Account?

    Although BCU will attempt to decline or return transactions made against unavailable funds to avoid Courtesy Payment fees, members may still incur non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees for ACH and check payments made against unavailable funds.

  • Does BCU offer a checking account with the ability to overdraw?

    Courtesy Payment Services are available on PowerPlus™ Checking and Simply Checking™ accounts open for at least 30 days and in good standing.

  • What are the spending limits on the Go Checking debit card?

    Transaction Type

    Debit Cards Attached to Go Checking 







  • Disclosure


    Go Checking is not eligible for participation in the Courtesy Payment Service or Overdraft coverage. Therefore, if you do not have available or sufficient funds in your Go Checking account to cover the transaction when it is presented to us for payment or authorization, we will Not authorize or pay ATM and everyday (one-time) debit card transactions. You may still incur non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees for each ACH and check payment made against unavailable funds. Daily debit card limits include ATM transactions up to $510, PIN-based transactions up to $1,000 and Signature-based transactions up to $2,000. All debit card transactions are subject to funds availability. Please refer to the Consumer Member Service Agreement for more information.


    *Enhanced Direct Deposit allows you to receive payroll and other electronic deposits up to two days ahead of your scheduled payday. It’s important to note, funds are not AVAILABLE for you to spend until they are reflected in the AVAILABLE BALANCE. Please be sure to confirm available funds in your account before withdrawing against this deposit. While BCU will try wherever possible to advance payroll direct deposits by up to 2 days, availability of funds ahead of the original scheduled pay date is not guaranteed. You should not rely on Enhanced Direct Deposit to satisfy the needs of scheduled bill or loan payments, or any other date-sensitive financial obligations.


    1. U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled users typically occur in minutes and generally do not incur transaction fees.

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