Broad Based Planning

Our thorough, disciplined process is structured to address your needs and wishes.

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It’s about taking the time
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right way.

Broad Based Planning

Meeting 1: The Initial Meeting

We define the scope of our engagement and review your goals, dreams, measureable objectives and concerns. We confirm your assets, liabilities, income, expenses and timing.

Meeting 2: Review of Your Family’s Draft Plan

With your input from the first meeting, we provide an initial draft of your financial plan. Our assessment typically includes a Monte Carlo simulation of whether or not you are on-track to meet your retirement goals and a full cash-flow analysis. We discuss your financial strengths and risks and make suggestions to improve your probability of success.

Meeting 3: Finalize Your Plan And Begin Implementation

You will finalize your plan and we will discuss next steps to begin implementation.

Monitor and Review

  • Because preferences, personal circumstances and the economy change over time, we continue to monitor and review your investments on an ongoing basis.
  • It is important to be prepared and have a disciplined approach to reviewing your financial goals and investment strategies. Your advisor will schedule periodic meetings to ensure you remain on the right path to achieve your goals as life happens.

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