Retirement Planning

Together we can chart the course for the relaxing days ahead.

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Retirement Planning

What does retirement mean to you? Whether you’re looking forward to some well-earned leisure, travel, indulgence in hobbies or even starting a new career, BCU Wealth Advisors* will help you grow and protect your wealth, making it easier to plan for a more secure retirement.

Once we understand your goals, we'll examine the potential impact of various courses of action, such as different spending or savings levels, delaying retirement, varying asset allocations, gifts to family or charity, and even career choices. You’ll learn what it will take to meet your preferences. You may find that you can easily achieve your goals, or you might see that you need to take extra steps, such as working a little longer or trimming some expenses.

Next, we’ll develop a customized plan for the retirement you want. We’ll help identify your funding resources, develop a savings plan and tailor your investments to help produce the levels of income required to support your lifestyle. We’ll also help you to understand which of your assets are best to spend first in retirement and the associated tax consequences. Then, we’ll continue to monitor your investments to ensure they stay aligned with your needs, goals and market conditions.

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