Remembering Vernon R. Loucks, Jr.

August 8, 2021

BCU extends our deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Vernon R. Loucks Jr., former CEO & Chairman of Baxter International, who sadly passed away on Sunday, August 8, 2021. Early in his tenure as CEO, Mr. Loucks took the advice of a trusted advisor, Sam O’Kelly to establish Baxter Credit Union (BCU). Today, 40 years later, Sam and Vern’s vision lives on, as BCU enables employees and families to achieve their financial goals at Baxter and many other outstanding companies.

A message from Mike Valentine, BCU President & CEO:

I’m a lucky guy in so many ways because of the wonderful people surrounding me - my family, friends, and colleagues. At the top of that list is a member of the Modern Healthcare Hall of Fame, the late Vernon R. Loucks, Jr. Mr. Loucks was CEO & Chairman of Baxter International and founded Baxter Credit Union. Sadly, he passed away on Sunday, Aug 8.

Vern is well known for a lifetime of remarkable career accomplishments. He was a corporate giant (figuratively and literally). Aside from his incredibly impressive resume, this is why I’ll remember Vern so fondly. He was a rare find! His presence lit up the room. He engaged in genuine, compassionate, deep conversation and always made you feel like the most important person in his midst. Titles, roles, status didn’t matter. YOU mattered in Vern’s eyes. Without fail, he extended sincere appreciation to others for even the smallest things.

We fished, we golfed, and we talked - regularly. I loved our conversations. Vern taught me what it is to be a good leader and stressed that the greatest leaders are the ones who spend their time developing others. That was something he knew from experience. The list of outstanding leaders that Vern groomed for their own success is too long to count. I learned the most by observing him in action. Hanging out with Vern was like having a favorite uncle and a career coach all in one larger-than-life package!

I’ll forever be grateful for Vern’s foresight in creating Baxter Credit Union to serve the needs of the company’s employees and their families. But I’m even more thankful for his mentorship.

To his beautiful family, many friends, and loved ones - I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Vern. I’ll miss you every day and try to hit ‘em long and straight until we meet again.

Vernon R. Loucks, Jr. obituary.

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